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Buy Vpxl No Prescription, so this dude has been posting the same thing on washington dc's bikes-for-sale forum for the last 6 months...and craigslisters (me included) regularly mark his listings as spam. why. cause it's unfair for him to clog the primo advertisting space on top of the list, and because after 6 months it's clear that nobody wants his stuff, 500mg Vpxl. his rebuttal: he reposts his bike like a dozen times a day. the counter-rebuttal: more people hate him. the result: a craigslist war, Buy Vpxl No Prescription. Vpxl coupon, witness the beauty of this post:

Oh specialized Coaster Man, why can't you take a hint. - $50

Date: 2006-04-11, 4:45PM EDT

Oh specialized Coaster Man, 50mg Vpxl, why can't you take a hint.

I offer these emails from the last month (exhibits A, Vpxl australia, B, C, D, E, Vpxl uk, F, and G) asevidence of the irritation you cause. Vpxl usa, I also offer, as a special bonus, myfavorite "ad" you've ever posted. Buy Vpxl No Prescription, Keep it up, since you make us laugh.


Exhibit A: (2/27/06)

Buy my piece of crap SPECIALIZED coaster bike, Vpxl mexico. - $60

I list it over & over hoping that the craigslist community will finally pay methe money just for the sake of making me go away. Although I should probablyjust give the bike away for free, Vpxl india, my time is obviously worth NOTHING and Icontinually post the bike -- often upwards of 12 times in a single day. Sure, Ichange the name from "Specialized" to "Coaster" to "bike shop quality" to "punkstyle," but it's still the same piece of junk, Vpxl overseas. I wish everyone could be like me, Buy Vpxl No Prescription.
Just think -- Craigslist would have the same 9 million listings every day, thesame crap nobody wants all year long. Vpxl canada, Get a grip.


Exhibit B: (2/28/06)

Everyone realizes that this guy is the Nishiki guy, the Free Spirit guy, etc, 150mg Vpxl,right. Nothing better than trying to scam people into paying unreasonableamounts for a POS. Buy Vpxl No Prescription, He's been doing this shit for a year. Vpxl ebay, I'm proud that all of you are standingfirm and flagging his ass.

He's also got the Schwinn "BMX" "Gladiator" scooter, whatever the hell thosemutually exclusive terms mean. I hear it's tres cool in Kali, 200mg Vpxl.

* this is in or around La La Land


Exhibit C: (2/28/06)

Please, oh please go away you guys. Your bikes, are really not worth much, Buy Vpxl No Prescription. Vpxl paypal, Giventhat, if you continue posting your bikes, at least try to come up with somethingdifferent everyweek.

Please go away soon, Vpxl craiglist, because my friend just bet me a case of Magic Hat that yourad will stay up untill Jan, 2007. 100mg Vpxl, And i don't doubt him.


Exhibit D: (3/1/06)

WANTED: Specialized "HOTROCK" 20" coaster brake bike - $1 (forever)

PARTS. Vpxl japan, THANKS



Exhibit E: (3/1/06)

WTB: Specialized "HOTROCK" 20" coaster brake bike - $999

Gosh, I have been looking for a Specialized "HOTROCK" 20" Coaster Brake Bike forthe past 6 months. Does anyone have one for sale, Buy Vpxl No Prescription. I would pay anything you askfor it, that's how much I want to own this totally awesome bicycle MACHINE, 1000mg Vpxl.
Hotrock. Anyway, 20mg Vpxl, the coaster brake is great because I like not stopping. Also,this bikes small 20" size is ideal, because it enables me to fit the entireframe in my butt, 40mg Vpxl. Buy Vpxl No Prescription, So please, let me know if you have one for sale.



Exhibit F: (3/7/06)

re:10 speed bike - made in USA - $30 - $1

Is this the same guy who was trying to sell the Specialized "hotrock" coasterbike. Vpxl us, (The modus operandi is the same.) What is your time worth. Why re-postthis thing over & over. Time to check out CL's "Free" page, Buy Vpxl No Prescription. Lots of stuff likethis on that page.


Exhibit G: (3/7/06)

re: 10 speed bike - made in USA - WOWWWEEE!, 750mg Vpxl. - $30

Hey everyone. Buy my crummy bikes from me. Buy Vpxl No Prescription, If you don't I will continue to postthem every day, 1,000 times a day, until you all chip in to pay me off. 30mg Vpxl, These bikes are the finest in quality. Complete with rusty chains & cables. Butto make you feel better about throwing away money on something I should haveposted on Craig'slist "Free" page, I'll give it an exotic name like "SPECIALIZEDHotrock Coaster bike" or "Gladiator-style scooter" or "Unique British BMX" or"Made in USA 10 speed Rallye bike, 10mg Vpxl," whatever those idiotic terms mean. Here's anexample of my crappy merchandise (Note the exotic rust-colored chain & brakecables. These are truly one-of-a-kind.)

Best of all, my listings (and re-listings and re-re-re-re-listings) are ruiningthe marketplace you used to call craigslist.

By the way, I'm an idiot.


*Special Bonus: my personal favorite: (2/28/06)

bike shop quality Kids -

Specialized "HOTROCK" 20" coaster brake bike -Specialized "HOTROCK" 20" coaster brake bikeSpecialized "HOTROCK" 20" coaster brake bikeSpecialized "HOTROCK" 20" coaster brake bikeSpecialized "HOTROCK" 20" coaster brake bikeSpecialized "HOTROCK" 20" coaster brake bikeSpecialized "HOTROCK" 20" coaster brake bike.

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