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Buy Hormone No Prescription, --- --- --- --- --- ---The Losers (LCC and CnT) of the Vertical Challenge Present:

"You Cain't Git Thur From Heer", or "Deliverance" on the ConnecticutandThe Horizontal Challenge, Spring 2006--- --- --- --- --- ---

That's right, gravity freaks, it's time to celebrate (or mourn) the outcome of the 2006 Vertical Challenge. 150mg Hormone, Our festivities are twofold in nature:

1. The overarching theme of the evening will be "'Deliverance' on the Connecticut", Hormone us. 40mg Hormone, This means that you should dress as your favorite character or stereotype from the film "Deliverance"

2. The "Challenge" of the evening is more...scandalous, Hormone australia. You are to pair up with another being, be it man, woman, goat or climber, and push yourselves to the extremes of hook-up endurance and ingenuity, Buy Hormone No Prescription. Hormone canada, You are to hook-up* in as many curious and inventive locales at or near Ledyard Canoe Club as possible in the evening of the party, between the hours of 10pm and 3am, 750mg Hormone. Hormone ebay, You will then [email] your locales to me and I will tally them up, discarding those locales used by more than five couples, Hormone mexico. 50mg Hormone, The couple with the most unique locales wins the Horizontal Challenge.

It's gonna be grand, 30mg Hormone. 500mg Hormone, So come on down and git yur freak on, boy, 100mg Hormone. 250mg Hormone, Ledyard Canoe ClubSaturday, May 610pm-3am

*Hook-up: Must involve intimate contact** for more than 30 consecutive seconds**Intimate contact: Kissing, Hormone coupon, 200mg Hormone, Necking, Heavy Petting, Hormone india, Hormone craiglist, and/or all forms of sex. Hormone japan. Hormone usa. Hormone paypal. Hormone overseas. 1000mg Hormone. 10mg Hormone. Hormone uk. 20mg Hormone.

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