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PHOTOS HERE No RX Hormone, just over 100 fixie riders showed up to the park at embarcadero and folsom at noon, including a few bikeforums/pirates i knew from DC/chicago, and at 1pm, shortly after getting our manifests, we were off...

i made it to the first checkpoint, maybe a mile NW of the start, just behind the lead pack, after swerving in and out of traffic on embarcadero pretty much as recklessly as could be -- we rode through pedestrian-crowded crosswalks and busy intersections like a fiendish swarm. Hormone overseas, at the checkpoint each rider grabbed a fed-ex envelope and put his/her name/address on it -- from then on, we had to put all our items from the proceeding checkpoints into our envelopes, and deliver the full package to the peeps at the end, to prove we had completed the race. i took off from there with the lead guys, heading for the fort below the golden gate bridge as fast as i could, 30mg Hormone, trying not to lose the guys who knew where they were going, since i pretty much had no clue.

i got in a paceline with 6 guys, sorta roadie style, Hormone us, all taking turns at the front in the wind, and we caught up to the guy in the lead, who was being filmed by a pair of dudes on a motorcycle. (btw, props to the motorcycle guys for not crashing or, say, getting, like, 300 traffic tickets.)

I got to the 2nd checkpoint, opened up my bag, grabbed the envelope, grabbed a little plastic spider thing they were handing out, tossed it in, put the envelope back in my bag, and the bag back tight over my shoulder, and took off towards the presidio, No RX Hormone. as i left, a group of about 20 more riders was coming in, and we sorta waved as we crossed paths, 50mg Hormone. we took took a right and started going uphill, towards the the outer richmond (at the end of geary st.)

as we started going uphill, i passed a few guys and got to the front of the pack, and started following one guy (ben, Hormone paypal, was that you?) who said he knew where he was going. the pack was thinning out behind us, and i was a little nervous that just two of us were breaking away so early, and then the guy ahead of me makes a right, stops, and declares, 1000mg Hormone, shit, i'm lost, and then turns around, heading back down the hill.. 500mg Hormone, i hesitated for a second, then took the right and continued up through the park alone, hoping that my little knowledge of the presidio roads would guide me through. No RX Hormone, (i've biked through here maybe six times now, on the way to work in sausalito). i also realized that leaving the pack that early was a dumb move -- a tactical mistake i had made in other alleycats on terrain i knew much better -- since i didnt know how to get to any of the next checkpoints. so up i went, wiggling along, Hormone japan, solo, not really sure if the roads were dead ends or what, but just feeling my way in the right direction. i passed some cops doing training arrests, 10mg Hormone, asked if the road went through, got an affirmative, and continued along generally westward. a few turns later I mumbled, aha, i know where i am, 250mg Hormone, and then cruised down to baker beach and seacliff and took a left at 25th and then a right on geary. I caught up to a few guys on geary, then boogied down the final hill and took a right into a parking lot where i just barely saw a glimpse of a fixie rider up ahead, No RX Hormone. i went where he had gone and ditched my bike above the beach and ran down a long flight of steep stairs to the 3rd checkpoint and got my item (a copy of the onion) and put it in my envelope in my bag and ran back up the stairs and took off, again solo, but trailing 2 guys up on geary by about a block. 20mg Hormone, up geary i went, and when i hit a red light i took a right so as not to lose time and then i took a quick left on anza, which, as it happens, a) is flatter and b) is less trafficcy and c) has nicer pavement. at this point the motorcycle/ cameraman combo pulled up just ahead of me, 200mg Hormone, which got me all jazzed up that maybe i was a) going the right way and b) in the lead, so i picked up the pace and cruised all the way up to 25th st., trying to stay with the motorcycle as it rolled up and down the hills, but it slowly got away. Hormone ebay, i cut right at 25th and then left onto to fulton, and then right, somewhere, into golden gate park. No RX Hormone, I had been here once before, two weeks earlier, during the san francisco marathon, so i vaguely remembered the layout of the park, but not precisely, especially on the windy roads and all. So I pulled over and get out a map, looking for Stowe lake, 40mg Hormone, figuring better not to totally get lost, and just then the motorcycle and two other riders cruise by, so i hopped on with them. The three of us, 750mg Hormone, side by side, rode to the bridge at Stowe lake, where we each took shots of something tasty and put the little paper cups in our envelopes, as evidence of having hit that checkpoint. As we left, I aksed the guys at the checkpoint who was ahead of us and he said, Hormone craiglist, nobody -- you're it.

so the three of us headed east through the park and cut over on a bike path to stanyan and then quickly onto haight st and back into real traffic and immediately I got squeezed between a bus and a fire truck -- and it was totally thrilling but the other two guys keep getting lucky breaks in traffic. then i got stopped by a red light at masonic, but caught back up with them and pulled in to buena vista park back with them, No RX Hormone. I grabbed a little plastic bag with a metal pin in it, shoved it in the envelope, Hormone uk, and was off, down the sidewalk, heading for mt. davidson (the high point of the race.)

Again, the other two guys got some lucky breaks with cars and red lights and such, and i just barely kept them in my sights and followed them up cole and over on frederick and down to lincoln, Hormone mexico. on lincoln a cop in a silly litlle sidecar caught up to me and so i had to stop at two stop signs, losing a bit of ground. I hung a left, and almost lost the guys ahead of me, Hormone usa, but i figured they must have made a right, so i turned, and saw them for a second, and then I hung a left on 7th, and saw them heading up the hill, so i pedaled harder and caught back up to them and the motorcycle fellas, 100mg Hormone. No RX Hormone, one of the two guys fell off a bit here, so I stayed with the first guy and the motorcycle and we chugged up a long slow hill, standing up in the pedals, wondering where that san francisco breeze was when we wanted it. i asked the guy if he knew where he was going and he said, yo, just stay with me. So i did, Hormone coupon, and we climbed and climbed and it's getting really hot and i wasn't sure how much longer i could hold the pace, but i stuck with him and wiggled through a neighborhood, heading higher and higher. At one super steep section i hopped off my bike and walked about 30 steps and then hopped back on, then caught back up and rolled into the checkpoint just as a few other guys caught up. (Note: this is not the first time the hills here have shown me who's boss and forced me to walk.) They handed us something and i opened my shoulder bag and put it in my envelope and headed straight back down the hill behind the first two guys, Hormone india.

we rolled down a massive hill, on what seemed to be parkway, which meant pedaling as fast as my legs would go, and as we dropped down onto market st in the castro I sort of figured out where we were and remembered how to get to the last checkpoint, at dolores and 19th, No RX Hormone. so two of us took a quick right at eureka and then a left on 18th and then i passed one guy and continued down 18th and took a right at dolores and then four of us met up at the last checkpoint at the park. after getting something else for my bag, i split as fast as i could, heading for the end, Hormone canada, and some much needed rest.

the fast dude and I rode together, zig-zagging our way across the mission, cutting through pretty much everything, and somehow we dropped or lost the two other guys. we cut under an elevated highway and across some train tracks and then around a traffic circle the wrong way as a cop drove around the other side, 150mg Hormone. No RX Hormone, we kept cruising along, just barely making it through a big intersection, and then past the train station and up to 3rd st. we took a right, and, (stupidly), another right, Hormone australia, which brought us to a park, where we found....nothing. nobody. I was convinced this was it, the end, and as we rode in circles we saw people on the other side of the canal, and realized the finish was mere seconds away. so we booked it a block north to the nearest bridge, but it was blocked by a 10' tall chain link fence and we were so manic about finishing the race that we said screw it and tossed our bikes over and then climbed the fence and hopped back onto our bikes and rode across the bridge. 20 seconds later, at the other side, we hit another fence, and did as before -- bike first, then rider, No RX Hormone. from there it was only half a block to the end...and as we rolled up, literally 10 seconds before we arrived, the other two dudes rolled after holding it all together in a new city through pretty much every checkpoint, i goofed at the bitter end. but i can't complain about 4th place.

it was my best finish yet and probably the most thrilling race i've ever ridden. the checkpoints were well organized and in fun places, and, maybe because of the end-o-race fence incident, the whole thing felt sort of cyclocrossy, in an urban way. there were plenty of blingy bike prizes (i got a nice Phil cog for my track bike), but more importantly, there were a shit-ton of tasty treats and awesome tacos and yummy beers waiting for us at the end. and a hundred awesome riders, who seem like enough confirmation that i've ended up in the right place.

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  1. When you can hang with “the fast dude” you BECOME “the fast dude”. Congrats! You were robbed. What’s the point of a fixie anyway, besides being biker hip?

  2. Thanks Mr. Karns — but no way was I robbed! If not for him, I’d be, well, looking at the map.

    Why ride a fixie? It’s pure. It’s simple. Theoretically, fixies are not-so-desirable to bike thieves. Plus, it makes your legs WAY stronger, and your pedaling form way smoother. And, duh, it’s the cool thing to do, you know, like wearing slap-bracelets and MC hammer pants once was.

  3. Sounds interesting. I must seek out one of these mythical steeds to test drive sometime.

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