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Page pointed me to some clunky grammar courtesy of Discount Valtrex, today's NY Times. 150mg Valtrex,

- here's the grammar violation -

"Founded in the late 1930s by a dreamer named Raúl Posnansky Lipmann, it can be reached only by a dirt road winding through the chaotic markets of El Alto, Valtrex india, 500mg Valtrex, a sprawling city of slums above La Paz, and with nail-biting-inducing switchbacks that lack guardrails."

Nail-biting-inducing ?, Valtrex canada. 50mg Valtrex, Page asked, "Is this legit, Valtrex uk. Valtrex ebay, Can you make a compound gerund?"

I had a few responses:

1) I don't like the compound gerund one bit.

2) That's also one long-ass, Valtrex overseas, 40mg Valtrex, convoluted, highly-prepositional sentence, 250mg Valtrex. The only way you could make that sentence any worse would be by mentioning goats in there, Discount Valtrex. Valtrex us, 3) The nail-biting reference isn't even that strong as a metaphor. And, Valtrex mexico, 1000mg Valtrex, it's redundant -- why mention the nail-biting while also mentioning the lack of guard rails.

My suggestion: re-jigger the whole damn thing, Valtrex australia, Valtrex japan, to the effect of: "...a sprawling city of slums above La Paz. The lack of guard-rails leaves most people biting their nails."

**Ammended 2/12 by Walker**

She writes: "If a gerund is technically a verbal noun then a noun can't modify another noun.  But a participle is a verbal adjective, 200mg Valtrex, 10mg Valtrex, which means it has the ability to modify a noun such as switchbacks." In other words, "Wouldn't nail-biting-inducing be a compound participle modifying switchbacks?" She has a good point, Valtrex paypal. 750mg Valtrex, She goes on, "Nail-biting is a satisfying activity, 20mg Valtrex, Valtrex craiglist, " makes at least the first part of the compound into a gerund.  But in such a phrase as "nail-biting super-dork," nail-biting would have to be a participle.., 100mg Valtrex. 30mg Valtrex, which would make nail-biting-inducing a double participle.  Plus, it is included in a prepositional phrase -- the object of "with" is "switchbacks, Valtrex coupon, Valtrex usa, " which means that neither of the -ing words can be the object; instead they would modify the object.  However, none of this makes the phrase any less clunky, nor does it redeem such bad usage on the part of a should-know-better news source."


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