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Zyprexa For Sale, Dan wrote a note to me last month, from Charlottesville, VA. He had this to report, Zyprexa usa. Zyprexa australia, "My favorite lunch spot, Just Curry, Zyprexa craiglist, 30mg Zyprexa, had a goat curry today. Just a 1 day deal, 500mg Zyprexa. 40mg Zyprexa, But it was good. Geez, Zyprexa ebay, 250mg Zyprexa, goats are so awesome. "

Something seemed off, Zyprexa japan, Zyprexa india, so I looked up the phrase "goats are so awesome" on Google. Wouldn't you know it: I got no responses, 1000mg Zyprexa. 150mg Zyprexa, Maybe that's because goats are NOT so awesome. 50mg Zyprexa. Zyprexa canada. 100mg Zyprexa. Zyprexa mexico. Zyprexa overseas. 750mg Zyprexa. 200mg Zyprexa. Zyprexa paypal. 10mg Zyprexa. 20mg Zyprexa. Zyprexa uk. Zyprexa coupon. Zyprexa us.

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  1. Funny, Dan,. your goat curry was awesome, but your seemingly-uncreative google skills seem lacking!.

    First, I live in the self-dubbed “World Class City” (a.k.a. “B.S ‘City’” of Charlottesville, too. Small freakin’ world. I like to eat goat, which used to be available daily when El Girasol was still in business (if you even lived here then), and I plan to own a goat as a pet someday. Let me share a story with you and Jonny5 about how goats are awesome…

    Years ago, when I was visiting my undergraduate alma mater, Reed College in Portland, OR, I saw a red-headed woman with a pink hoola-hoop, a white Bull Terrier, and a brown goat. Her boyfriend was filming her Bull Terrier climbing trees. Then she held up the hoola-hoop about 4 feet off the ground, and her dog jumped through it!. Meanwhile, the goat was milling about off-leash, eating oak leaves and occasionally munching on granola that the woman would pull from her blue blazer’s pocket. After her dog jumped through the hoola-hoop, she held the hoop about 18 inches off the ground. The goat noticed her doing so, trotted over from 15 feet away, and jumped through the hoop!

    Jonny5, I love your site, but I don’t get the anti-goat thing; and Dan, you have flawed reasoning. You like the taste of goats, but subsequently feel that “something seemed off”???? Just Google “goats” and “awesome” and you will find, just for retail starters:

    …or for proof that people love goats without profit in mind: http://www.goatlover.com.

    Get a clue guys, goats are tasty, cool, interesting, underrepresented in today’s urban culture and usually banned from city limits by municipal codes. “Goatless” is not a cool preoccupation. Why not abandon your attempts to promote misaigous thoughts (which means “goat-hating,” if you don’t know ancient Greek) for some popular obsession, like pirates, or ninjas, or sock monkeys, or whatever. Hating goats is just what politicians in DC, Charlottesville, Bay Area, and nationwide, want you to do, or they would not have taken the time to make them “unlawful” in city codes (e.g. Charlottesville City Code Section 4.11 (http://www.municode.com/resources/gateway.asp?pid=12078&sid=46); San Francisco City Code Article 1, Chapter 4-9 (http://www.municode.com/resources/gateway.asp?pid=12078&sid=46).

    Keep the site cool. Admit the goats!
    Or at least give goats a fair shake by getting some exposure to them, and then try to convince us that “goatless” is “goodness.”

  2. OK, time for comment redux:

    Dan, upon reviewing my comment and rereading this entry, I now stand corrected. You (Dan) seem to have said that you enjoyed your meal and that you liked goats, and Jonny5 googled “goats are so awsome” with the intent to slander goats. Apologies to Dan.

    So, Jonny5, it is your google skills I now critique. I still stand by my claims, which have been supported by links, and I say that you are obviously a conformist to the anti-goat, pro-petroleum, conspiring establishment. What is it with goats? Are you afraid of their smell? Their vertically-pupilled eyes? What??? Have you ever seen a goat in the (living) flesh? You may not care about this, but goats are often used to completely consume non-native, invasive plant species like Kudzu, which is ruining the mid-Atlantic and South and choking its trees. If you really do your research, you will discover that goats are as cool as bicycles. I have not always been a believer of such things, but I have come to know that goats are actually awesome.

    Jonny5, you are uninformed of the issues. Keep this site cool. Keep this site antiestablishment. Admit the goats, damn it! Or at least justify yourself after giving them fair evaluation.

    I still love your site, and the ZPG message, If you must keep your site “goatless,” just don’t talk about them; but don’t advertise that they are not awsome, which is patently false!

    Or, if you must remain actively misaigous, at least find a reason that trumps my argument–and post a well-considered response to my claims.

    I beg you, reconsider the goats!

  3. an impostor who critiques my google skills! how dare he!

    let me explain: when i said i googled the phrase “goats are so awesome,” i meant what i wrote; that is, i googled the phrase IN QUOTES. try it yourself, with the friggin quote marks. sheesh. googling stuff without quotes is so beginner-internet-user.

    as for reconsidering goats, you’re barkin up the wrong tree, amigo. This site is and always will be the miaigousest site on the internet. If you can find another site more pure, more free, more certifiably goatless, I dare you to bring it to my attention.


  4. Jonny5.

    I have no doubt: yours is, and will remain, the most goatless site around. I still think zpg is awesome, but I still think goats are awesome, too. Each to our own. However, I’ll be sure my goat isn’t in the same room when I visit your site from now on.

    House of Yes.

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