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Buy Plavix No Prescription, It's been a busy week in the goat-hating world. 750mg Plavix, * I've discovered a couple of arch-nemeses. The guy over at believes that everything -- EVERYTHING, Plavix mexico. Plavix us, -- is a goat. And the guy over at makes you click on goats to get into his site. (Refresh the page a few times for a truly terrifying experience.) And, some guy named Ben Berk is taunting me, Buy Plavix No Prescription. *Warning, 200mg Plavix, Plavix usa, these sites are NOT goatless, and, Plavix uk, Plavix india, as such, may scare younger, 40mg Plavix, 50mg Plavix, more innocent internet-users.

* I've found some more proof that goats are stupid, Plavix japan. Plavix ebay, (That thing that the goat won't stop licking is an electric fence.)


* I've seen a terrible vision of a goat-filled future. Thank god things haven't come to this, 20mg Plavix. Buy Plavix No Prescription, * I've discovered that the corporate world is slowly but surely coming around to goat-hating, with this good news: Sony hates goats too. 100mg Plavix, (An excerpt from Playstation magazine: "How about eating still warm intestines uncoiled from the carcass of a freshly slaughtered goat. At the party to celebrate God Of War II’s European release, 30mg Plavix, 10mg Plavix, members of the Press were invited to do just that .")

* And speaking of goat slaughtering, they've upped the ante in the man-vs-goat saga over on the Galapagos Islands, 500mg Plavix. 150mg Plavix, There, the battle to exterminate 140, Plavix australia, Plavix coupon, 000 evil goats involves semiautomatic rifles, a million rounds of US-imported ammo, 1000mg Plavix, Plavix overseas, exploding bullets, goat-sniffing dogs, Plavix craiglist, Plavix canada, and goat snipers in helicopters.

According to the NYT, "It is a battle of man versus goat," and I gotta say, this goat-hater never thought he'd see the day when those words made it into mainstream print. MAN vs, Buy Plavix No Prescription. GOAT, the theme of our modern times, the war of the ages. Just remember: you heard it here first.

Anyway, the goat-extermination project, which has "left thousands of goat carcasses to decompose under the tropical sun," was dreamed up by Galapagos park officials and the Charles Darwin Foundation, because goats are evil. That and because the goats, which have bred like bunnies for the last couple of centuries, threaten awesomer, nativer species like tortoises.

The best quote in the story is from Felipe Cruz, a galapagueño who's also overseeing the goat hunting: “We’re at war, and we’ve won one of our biggest battles. But we can’t rest until we kill them all.”

I say, huzzah, Felipe. And huzzah Sony.

* also, cool: isn't galapagueno an awesome word.

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  1. Duder,

    The NYTimes just ran an article titled “The Year of The Goat.”

    “When properly cooked, the flesh from a Boer (or meat) goat has a subtly sweet, earthy flavor redolent of dark turkey or less-gamy venison.”

    I have no idea what “less gamy-venison” would taste like, except it probably tastes like goat.

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