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I raced in the North American Cycle Courier Championships Discount Accutane, , here in SF over the weekend. 30mg Accutane, I'm no courier, but I've held my own in a bunch of alleycats, 1000mg Accutane, 10mg Accutane, so I figured the NACCC race would be no problem, particularly since I know my way around SF so damn well, 20mg Accutane. 150mg Accutane, Thing is, the race was on a closed course, Accutane uk, 50mg Accutane, so my local advantage didn't count for beans. And the qualifying race actually involved picking up and dropping off packages, Accutane mexico, Accutane usa, which I, um, Accutane australia, Accutane japan, have never done. So I kinda had some disadvantages, 40mg Accutane. OK, I was on the same footing as everyone else, Discount Accutane. Accutane canada, Luckily, I had 2 chances to qualify for the big race on Sunday, Accutane us. Accutane coupon, So when I flubbed it on my first attempt (turning in a 44 minute run), I knew all wasn't lost, Accutane paypal. 500mg Accutane, After a couple hours of rest, I hopped on the bike again, 200mg Accutane, 250mg Accutane, and turned in a 35 minute run, which was just barely fast enough to make the finals, Accutane overseas. Accutane india, Thing is, I didn't race in the finals the next day because a) it was a "messenger-only" event, 750mg Accutane, 100mg Accutane, and b) I was tired, and wanted to eat scrambled eggs and lounge about, Accutane ebay. Accutane craiglist, I did hang around for some post-race skid-comp fun. (Footage and cheering courtesy of Jeff Purton.)


What a great weekend.

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