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Buy Medrol No Prescription, This story, full of burning 40-foot-tall goats, is so awesomely awesome that I need to shout out to Josh Karns for alerting me to it. Medrol craiglist, So here's the deal. For 42 years, 1000mg Medrol, 750mg Medrol, a bunch of goat-crazed fanatics in the scenic, seaside town of Gavle, Medrol overseas, 50mg Medrol, Sweden have spent a fair portion of each December building a giant, 40-foot tall goat out of straw, 100mg Medrol. Medrol usa, Like, almost 4 tons of straw, Medrol paypal. 20mg Medrol, (You can watch their efforts in a nifty time-lapse film.) They take great pride in the fact that their Christmas Goat, as they call it, Medrol japan, Medrol canada, is the largest of its kind in the world. They also take great pains to protect their giant goat from being destroyed, because, for reasons obvious enough to this goat-hater, townspeople have made it their goal, year after year, to destroy the damn thing, Buy Medrol No Prescription. In its 41 incarnations, Medrol ebay, Medrol us, the goat has been destroyed 28 times -- 22 of those times by burning, and 6 of them in some other creative way, Medrol uk, 250mg Medrol, either by sabotage, fire, Medrol india, Medrol australia, or crashing a car into it.

See for yourself, 40mg Medrol, 150mg Medrol, in this compilation of 40 years of Swedish Christmas Goat status reports

1966: unmolested1967: unmolested1968: unmolested1969: burned1970: burned, then rebuilt1971: abandoned, 10mg Medrol, 500mg Medrol, then broken1972: collapsed due to sabotage1973: unknown1974: burned1975: unknown1976: destroyed in car crash1977: unknown1978: broken1979: burned, rebuilt, Medrol coupon, 200mg Medrol, then sabotaged and broken1980: burned1981: survived1982: burned1983: legs broken1984: burned1985: burned1986: burned1987: burned1988: survived1989: burned, rebuilt, 30mg Medrol, Medrol mexico, burned again1990: survived1991: burned, rebuilt1992: burned, rebuilt, burned again1993: survived1994: survived1995: burned, rebuilt1996: survived1997: slightly damaged by fireworks1998: burned1999: burned2000: burned2001: burned2002: survived2003: burned, rebuilt2004: burned2005: burned, rebuilt2006: minor burn to right leg

This year, the straw has been impregnated with a waterproof/snowproorf flame retardant, a webcam has been placed nearby to monitor it, and guards have occasionally been posted overnight to protect it from vandals. There's even a blog, hopefully the only one if the world, written from the point of view of a giant goat, where other goat-crazed fanatics can delight in the supposed glory of, and send email to < >, a giant inanimate chemical-laden goat.

So here's hoping some creative pyromaniac gets to the Christmas Goat before too many people are forced to see this thing.

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