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Buy Hormone Over The Counter, A fella in Bakersfield emailed me this note two days ago:

"Love the fact that you're promoting cycling, and the $0.00 per gallon concept is brilliant. Kudos to you, 40mg Hormone, and hope you make some serious money off of it. However, hate the fact that you use profanity on your website - that's really uncalled for, 200mg Hormone. Why not get rid of it. 750mg Hormone, Nothing wrong with making cycling family friendly, plus I suspect you're clever enough to come up with witty things to say without using it."

Here's what I wrote back:

Thanks for shouting out, and for digging the ZPG idea, Hormone japan. I dig it too, though I can assure you, making serious money on the idea is not part my plan, buy Hormone Over The Counter.

Having lots of fun, 20mg Hormone, though, is... and that's sort of the reason for much of the profanity, Hormone uk. But let me make my case better: I'm a trained writer. Hormone canada, I studied it in college, got a master's degree in journalism, and have written for many big publications, 150mg Hormone. Buy Hormone Over The Counter, And then, just like that, I burned out on it -- at least on parts of it. Everything started to seem so dull and formulaic, 30mg Hormone, and much of it became soporific to me. Now, I don't wanna type everything in UPPER CASE, 50mg Hormone, or use a million !!!. Hormone coupon, exclamation points, and become some sort of ranting lunatic [like so many in the blogosphere], but I do wanna make my writing more real, 250mg Hormone, more honest, Hormone craiglist, more human. And since I'm an adult (and since most of my readers are adults), I use the words shit, Hormone mexico, fuck, Hormone overseas, ass, and whatever else I can come up with.

Bear with me: I don't think there are any "bad" words, buy Hormone Over The Counter. I think it's possible to write (or say) extremely derogatory/vulgar things, 100mg Hormone, but I don't think the problem is the array or curse words out there. 1000mg Hormone, Sure, the words help. But it's the sentences, 500mg Hormone, and the intent behind them, 10mg Hormone, that hurt. Now go back and look what I've written. Buy Hormone Over The Counter, Most of it's a parody of something I'm fed up with. It's opinionated -- and maybe even rude -- but not belittling, Hormone australia, or insulting. Hormone paypal, In fact, I don't even think it's inappropriate for kids. Language has power only because we give it power, Hormone ebay. Someday, Hormone usa, we'll have used up the power of the words fuck and shit, and we'll come up with some replacement... and then another., buy Hormone Over The Counter. and then another..., Hormone india. endlessly reinventing some "naughty" word. Hormone us, So, the way I see it, getting rid of particularly words isn't the way to go. Cycling is (and always will be) family-friendly -- and if my website forces some parent out there to have a discussion about language and appropriateness, I'm all the happier for it. And in the meantime, I hope it keeps most everyone else out there laughing, and maybe even thinking about what the fuck we're saying.


Thoughts/comments anyone.

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  1. I say keep up the fucking swearing and shit.

  2. I’m always a bit put off by people taking the time to point out that swearing is unnecessary. Commas are also unnecessary. Why not eliminate them and use one-clause sentences?

    The point, of course, is that communication is complex, and often creative. If you paint only outlines with one color, you might get your point across. But when you splash some color on the palette, it brings the thing to life. Such is the case with “swear” words — they’re bold colors.

    Keep painting. I fucking love it.

  3. A-fucking-men to that!

  4. I think the ‘gestalt’ of your site says it all, a few words don’t really matter – and I doubt that any impressionable 10 year olds are running around emulating the ZPG lingo…my 14 year old daughter likes it for what ZPG stands for, not cause Jonny throws out F-Bombs that she can’t use (at least around us…)

    The responsibility for educating her is ours, and the world is a big, nasty place…I have a lot more worries for her than the occasional swear word…

  5. I don’t have kids, or teach kids, or even see kids on a regular basis. So I don’t know much about them.

    But a 14 year old that reads ZPG is one intelligent and hip kid. That’s just a sign of a family with good taste.

  6. Fuckin’a right, The minute you submit to the thought police, you’ve lost. Keep up the good work!

  7. I have to agree with you, there are no inherently bad words and the only power any word has is what we ascribe to it. I also agree with the sentiment that the words are more colorful and liven up the writing.

    For a real challenge,though, try substituting contemporary curse words for antiquated ones. Instead of that SUV driver being a “motherfucker” he can be branded a “rapscallion” or better yet a “jackanapes”. It takes the sting out of the insult a bit since your intended hearer will likely not comprehend fully what you are trying to convey, but I find there is a smug intellectual satisfaction that comes with using baroque language.

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