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Buy Vermox Over The Counter, So I was over hangin out with some friends who manufacture large quantities of messenger bags, and got to talking about the occasional requests I get for HUGE ZPG patches (like the one on my Baileyworks bag, which was made by Adam Alpern, of Zugster Bags.) They were interested, but wanted to be sure there was a market for 'em... since they'd have to make dozens of the things, Vermox canada. Vermox us, So... who wants one, Vermox australia. Vermox mexico, How much would you pay for an 18" x 6" embroidered (perhaps even reflective) patch. Shout out!

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  1. I’d surely rock one of those on my bag. Not sure how much I would pay, $20?

  2. I’d throw a 20 spot down.

  3. I’m in…

  4. i’ll take one too

  5. I’d drop a Jackson for a basic embroidered one. Reflective, I would add another five for the more expensive thread. Jonny, only you really know the costs and what’s reasonable. Either way, I’ll buy one if you make them.

  6. You can always count me in Johnny5, put me down for 2.

  7. Maaaate – if they were in metric I’d take a couple

    Zero per litre would make more “cents” ( corny I know) in Aus.

  8. PLEASE MAKE THEM! I’d definitely take two, and twenty bucks sounds good, but would pay more for reflective ones.

  9. Yep, I’m in… make it reflective if posssible. This is great!

  10. I’d like a reflective one to put on my Crumpler.

  11. I’d definitely take a couple. One of each.

  12. HECK YES. pick a price.

  13. reflecto! hells yes!

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