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Awesome (the cat)

-Awesome's story
Buy Stromectol Over The Counter, -Childhood, and gender revelation
-Feline adolescence
-Supposed abandonment
-Blatant falsehoods


Awesome the cat is a rugged beast who roams the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood of Washington, DC, particularly Kilbourne and 18th streets. Stromectol us, He has exceptionally thick black fur, with white spots on his feet, chest, and stomach. His whiskers are unrivaled, Stromectol ebay, his tail is elephantine, and his dreadlocks approach Bob Marley's in quality. He has never lived indoors, Stromectol uk, or used a litter box, or been bathed. He eats with his fingers, and licks his chops, buy Stromectol Over The Counter. He reacts to catnip much in the way that Marion Barry reacted to crack. He'll eat canned cat food, but he prefers barbecued meats, 150mg Stromectol. He regularly catches squirrels and birds. He sleeps where he feels like it. Buy Stromectol Over The Counter, He doesn't take crap from anybody. He is a manly, 20mg Stromectol, rugged cat, even if he doesn't have balls anymore.

Awesome the cat is also, behind the furry veneer, an exceedingly friendly animal. He is a neighborhood socialite, Stromectol mexico, snubbing nobody. He'll follow you for blocks. His meow is one of greeting, Stromectol paypal, not one of whining. He's an extrovert, and likes shoving his tail up your shorts or attacking your foot, buy Stromectol Over The Counter. He's not all goth and creepy and reclusive and Unabomber psycho like some cats. Awesome is awesome.

Awesome's story:

Awesome was just a small, gender-neutral un-named furball when Jonny Waldman found him on December 29, 2005, Stromectol india. This was at the Columbia Rd./Calvert St. gas station, where Jonny had stopped to fill up his tires. Buy Stromectol Over The Counter, Awesome (then un-named) climbed out of a stack of tires, and inspected the inside Jonny's Nissan like he owned it. Stromectol craiglist, It was a warm day. Jonny asked the gas station attendant about the lineage of the nascent beast, and was informed that the cat had been left there, abandoned. So Jonny adopted it, 10mg Stromectol, and brought it home. The next day, Jonny walked up to Petco, 1000mg Stromectol, on Connecticut Ave., and paid $8 to have Awesome's name etched into a small metal tag.

Childhood, and gender revelation

Less than two weeks later, big news reverberated around Mt. Pleasant, buy Stromectol Over The Counter. Here's the original news announcement:



Jan 12, Stromectol usa, 2006 — Washington, DC — Shock. Disbelief. Stromectol canada, Insanity. Two weeks after being adopted and brought back to life, Awesome, and his/her/its true identity, has at last been revealed by a medical expert — and it’s not what anybody thought.

According to an unnamed, 500mg Stromectol, undescribable veterinarian at the DC Humane Society, Awesome the cat has two awesome tiny cat-sized testicles hidden somewhere amid his thick black fur, making him a full-fledged member of the male club.

Soon after Awesome’s balls were discovered, 200mg Stromectol, they were surgically removed, though, prompting calls from Mr. Buy Stromectol Over The Counter, Milton Ballsman, the president of Washington’s Male Club Local Union 43, to deny membership status to Awesome.

Mr. Ballsman, though, 100mg Stromectol, retracted his statement after Jonny5, Awesome’s awesome owner, threatened to remove Mr. Stromectol japan, Ballsman’s balls if anyone so much as thought of messing with Awesome.

Employees at the DC Humane Society, overhearing Jonny5’s awesome threat to protect Awesome and Awesome’s awesome status as a male, cried out in support of Jonny5.

“Word up!,” one said.

“That’s awesome for Awesome,” said another.

“Meow, 40mg Stromectol,” chimed in Awesome.

And then, while nobody was looking, the unnamed veterinarian hung TBTFBTA (The Balls That Formerly Belonged To Awesome) from the rear-view mirror of his 1996 Toyota Camry, Stromectol australia, and sped off towards the Maryland suburbs.


Feline adolescence:

Over the next seven months, Awesome thrived under Jonny's care at 3161 18th St. Awesome grew furrier, and dreadlockier, and learned to fetch sticks, Stromectol coupon. He learned how to antagonize the two huge dogs next door, while avoiding their wrath. He learned how to peek into the kitchen, and how to climb up onto the roof, buy Stromectol Over The Counter. His popularity grew, 250mg Stromectol, even though he never joined Facebook or Myspace. He humped every female cat in the neighborhood, and never wore a condom, and never fathered any offspring. Awesome was a party animal, 750mg Stromectol, and was a key part of the Triumvirate of Awesomeness, the other two elements of which were a Keg of YuengLing and a barbecue grill fashioned out of a 55-gallon steel drum. As always, Stromectol overseas, Awesome didn't restrain his awesomeness.

Supposed "abandonment":

In July of 2006, Jonny moved to San Francisco, and left Awesome under the care of his neighbors at 3159 Kilbourne St. Buy Stromectol Over The Counter, Awesome would have liked San Francisco, and Jonny wishes he could have brought Awesome to the west coast, but Awesome would not have fared well during a month-long stop in Wyoming, a land of much larger, furrier, ruggeder, more carnivorous beasts. So it was with great sadness that Jonny said so long to Awesome. "Keep on being awesome, 50mg Stromectol, Awesome," he said.

Blatant falsehoods about Awesome the cat:

Contrary to the opinions of some softer, wussier cat-owners:

*Awesome the cat would not "be happier indoors."

*Awesome the cat would not be "happier without all those dreadlocks."

*Awesome the cat does not "need to see a vet."

*Awesome the cat has not "been abandoned."

Additionally, 30mg Stromectol, a statement on one neighborhood forum attesting to Awesome the cat's age ("this has been his home for almost a decade") is untrue, unless 3.5 years equals "almost a decade."

Furthermore, the statement "he was left behind by his irresponsible previous human" is both syntactically weird and unsubstantiated. First, "Previous human" suggests that Jonny was once, but is no longer, a human. This is not the case. Jonny hasn't forsaken the species, and still has balls, buy Stromectol Over The Counter. And while "irresponsible" may be a suitable description for Jonny, it is unsubstantiated in this case, as Jonny carefully arranged for Awesome's care after his departure. If anything, bringing Awesome to Wyoming to get devoured by a coyotoe/moose/bear would have been irresponsible. Last but not least, Jonny is not Awesome's human anymore than Awesome is Jonny's cat. Jonny believes that you east coasters gotta stop getting all possessive about relationships like that, loosen up a bit, maybe smoke a little bit of crack if that's what it takes.


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