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  1. …i’m already enjoying the thought that when j5 dies n’ goes to hell, i’ll be sitting there on a hill watching him work down in the fiery valley as a goat herder…

    “yo, dude…hey, jobs not done ’til you scoop up the poop…w/ yer bare hands & remember , dude, i’ve got seniority down here !!!”

  2. Reason Americans are shielding the F22 is keep its image as the wlrods best. They can not take a chance on that claim.. as long as you dont fight, you dont lose and you are the best! Are the hangers where we put the MKIs locked up all times? Hope India puts in place proper security around her assets. After all, another cold war is in the making between US and Russia. Anything learnt about the latest Sukhois is of immense value.

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