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Antabuse For Sale

Antabuse For Sale, After my brush with catastrophe three weeks ago, a lot of friends wrote to me to help me metaphorically lick my wounds. Antabuse india, Thad suggested I was immortal. Jon sent me some music, Antabuse australia. Antabuse japan, Julie said she'd send cookies and whiskey. Ethan told me to hang in there, Antabuse craiglist, Antabuse uk, Lydia wrote me a poem, Ben expressed consolation for my pants, 200mg Antabuse, 250mg Antabuse, Nick invited me on some good rides, and Erin suggested that healing could best be attained by making a big pot of soup and then jerking off, 20mg Antabuse. Such great friends, huh, Antabuse For Sale. 150mg Antabuse, In any case, I'm fine, Antabuse overseas, 30mg Antabuse, and so is my bike -- though apparently I was riding on a broken rear axle for at least 10 days. Yikes, 750mg Antabuse. Antabuse ebay, Since I still haven't heard anything from the Emeryville Police Department, I figured I'd speed things up a bit and post the license plate numbers (all from California) of the potential culprits:





In other, Antabuse paypal, Antabuse mexico, Slightly-Less-Cathartic (SLC) news: Wes sent me a photo of a dead goat, which warms my heart, 1000mg Antabuse. Antabuse usa, It's from Arlington, VA -- and the crazy part is nobody's rated it yet, Antabuse canada. Antabuse For Sale, I give it a 10 out of 10. Antabuse coupon, Speaking of dead goats, I've noted that it's possible to hunt for rare Russian goats by helicopter, 40mg Antabuse. 10mg Antabuse, The method is so successful that only 200 of them are left, which only makes those last 200 goats all the more exciting to shoot, Antabuse us. 100mg Antabuse, Unfortunately, it's expensive ($2, 50mg Antabuse, 500mg Antabuse, 000 per hour) and risky (helicopter crashes, criminal investigations, public scorn.) But true goat haters are so focused and determined they don't care what price they have to pay.

Justin pointed me to a hilarious blog that's ostensibly about bike racing at a girls college.

Beau wrote to me from Idaho, and asked me to donate stuff for an upcoming alleycat/fundraiser for the Boise Bicycle Project, Antabuse For Sale. A ZPG donation is headed their way.

Brandon sent me a photo of his ZPG bag on mushrooms, and Roland, from ReLoad Bags, sent me a photo of a related bag. Right on, brothas.

[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

Oh - and ZPG stuff is now available at a few more shops:

Manitou Bikes, in CO

Lee's Cyclery, also in CO

The Recyclery, in PDX

Slippery Pig Bikes, in Phoenix.

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Where Can I Buy Flexeril

After a few liters of beer at Tour de Fat Where Can I Buy Flexeril, yesterday afternoon, I caught up with Reverend Ballyhoo, aka the Deacon of Freakin’, aka Oscar the Gashole, aka the Big Cheese In Charge Of The Whole Damn Festival (BCICOTWDF), aka Chris. He was wearing, a la Tom Wolfe, 10mg Flexeril, a white suit with a white top-hat and a black tie (made from an inner tube), and he carried in his right hand a silver cane that, unbeknownst to most, housed a slender bike pump, 50mg Flexeril. He was a prepared preacher.

Earlier, Flexeril coupon, he'd spoken the good bike gospel as eloquently as its been spoken in these parts, invoking velo-related deities while forseeing the carpolcalypse and eulogizing the death of our institutionalized car culture. At the microphone in front of a huge crowd, he'd introduced the Louisiana-style funeral procession of a child-sized black plastic Cadillac Escalade, Flexeril us, which was carried on a platform on the shoulders of six men and women in formal, buttoned-up red uniforms, 750mg Flexeril, led by a solemn marching band, and trailed by a crowd of mourners in black veils. There was much sobbing, Where Can I Buy Flexeril. And then much cheering. It was, 100mg Flexeril, as the New Belgium folks like to say, spoketacular. Flexeril uk, Yesterday's festival in San Francisco was this year's second coming of Tour de Fat, which kicked off in Chicago on June 21st. Yet to come are Truckee (July 26), Seattle (August 2), Flexeril india, Portland (August 16), Boise (August 23), 150mg Flexeril, Ft. Where Can I Buy Flexeril, Collins (September 6), Denver (September 13), Durango (September 20), Tempe (October 11), and Austin (October 18). I hope I make it to another.

I'm a huge fan of Tour de Fat, obviously, Flexeril australia, because it's a big bike party with costumes and girls and beer and music, because the Reverend Ballyhoo speaks the truth, 1000mg Flexeril, because the Sprockettes (of Portland) and Paperbird and Mucca Pazza (of Chicago) put on great shows, because they're selling my recycled-tire ZPG belts at the festivals, and because the Ten Commandments of Tour de Fat make so much sense to me. The first is my favorite:

"Put no means of transport before thy bike: Come by bike because not only are bikes fun, 500mg Flexeril, but they help stave off some of our most wicked ills: Traffic, obesity, Flexeril overseas, and pollution. Tour de Fat has a solution: ride this day, every day, and definitely when Tour de Fat heads your way."

Also noteworthy are #2 ("Thou shall honor all other bikes"), Flexeril mexico, #4 ("Come as a participant ...when everybody’s weird, no one is"), Flexeril paypal, #7 ("Sacrifice all goats because they are evil"), and of course, #10 ("Thou shalt not steal thy neighbors’ bike").

Noteworthier still, they remind me of a famous saying by a brilliant but relatively unknown 21st-century bicycle scholar:

"Blessed is the man or woman that endureth on two wheels the wind and rain and grime and grit and hills and cold and heat and those great, cumbersome, weighty vehicles that infest this land."

(-Pope Jonny the Fifth, MMVIII)

Anyway, I caught up with the Reverend, and took a walk with him, Where Can I Buy Flexeril. I can tell he's a fan of the way we have fun in San Francisco, 250mg Flexeril. Before leaving, we swapped merch; I gave him a bumongous ZPG patch, Flexeril craiglist, and he hooked me up with a slick Fat Tire bike jersey, which I plan to wear with much pride.

In honor of such a good time, I composed a little bike prayer:


I beseech You, Flexeril canada, Lord of the Velorution,

Give us this day our daily burrito and restore our leg muscles, 200mg Flexeril, such that our godly bicycle riding can continue gracefully and safely under Thy protection, Amen.

May You not allow our rears not grow numb nor sore nor weary, nor allow our joints to become weak nor misaligned nor inflamed, 20mg Flexeril, nor allow our muscles to become hot nor achy nor spent nor any other condition but strong and limber;

May You provide clean, fresh air to pass through our mouths and throats and lungs, Flexeril ebay, such that they not burn nor parch nor become otherwise weary;

May You protect our bicycles from squeaky brakes, broken chains, loose headsets, misaligned gears, 30mg Flexeril, and other pestilent mechanical troubles;

May You keep our wheels true and round, and our tires inflated;

May You keep the pavement, Flexeril usa, in its durable glory, smooth and dry and free of sand and leaves and pebbles and broken glass and puddles and potholes and other such vexations of the modern world, and keep our lanes sufficiently wide and well marked;

May You protect our bikes from thieves and villains; and forgive us our red-light running, stop-sign ignoring, Flexeril japan, and all other traffic infractions, minor and major;

May You remind us of those who have fallen, 40mg Flexeril, and encourage us to assist fellow riders in need;

May You not let us stray from steel nor let us be tempted by fancy shamncy carbon-fiber gizmos nor let us purchase bicycles from giant, soul-less chain stores;

May You forgive those drivers who know not yet the beauty of the bike and punish those drivers who swerve, honk, ignore, threaten, or otherwise beguile us;

May You give us grace and speed and agility; and illuminate our paths for us;

May You lend us tailwinds on our passages; and provide for us vast, sweeping, stunning terrain to traverse such that only a god like You could create;

May You provide smooth, delicious ale to soothe us once we have arrived at our destinations;

May You heed all of our humble requests, and take these evil sacrificial goats as evidence of our bodily devotion to the bicycle;



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Buy Careprost No Prescription

Tell Google to show bike routes

Tell yourself why you don't need a car

Tell your friends they'd look hotter in a helmet Buy Careprost No Prescription, Speaking of which, Ruben could use one doing crazy jumps like these. Careprost uk. Careprost mexico. Careprost paypal. 200mg Careprost. Careprost craiglist. 100mg Careprost. 150mg Careprost. 500mg Careprost. 1000mg Careprost. Careprost ebay. 750mg Careprost. Careprost coupon. Careprost us. 250mg Careprost. Careprost australia. 10mg Careprost. 30mg Careprost. 50mg Careprost. Careprost japan. 20mg Careprost. Careprost canada. Careprost overseas. Careprost india. Careprost usa. 40mg Careprost.

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Discount Careprost

I finally got around to reading parts of Jane Holtz Kay's Asphalt Nation Discount Careprost, , which came out in 1998 and seems as relevant as ever. Careprost paypal, Kay says the problem is beyond gridlock; it's "lifelock" -- reliance on the automobile for everything.

She explains that commuting is not the big bad menace I had thought it was, Careprost mexico. 150mg Careprost, No, the menace is far more insidious and intertwined.., 50mg Careprost. 30mg Careprost, the menace is errands.

Nearly 80% of car trips Americans make are errands, Discount Careprost. Milk, Careprost india. Careprost us, Toothpaste. Little league, Careprost uk. 1000mg Careprost, The doctor. Discount Careprost, The gym (talk about silly). The theater, 500mg Careprost. Careprost japan, A restaurant. As Kay writes, Careprost canada, Careprost australia, "the ministuff of life clogs the nation's roads." (And yet, what reasons -- i.e excuses/justifications -- do we come up with for buying big cars, Careprost ebay. 10mg Careprost, We say it's so we can take big, long-distance vacations.) When the book was written a decade ago, 750mg Careprost, Careprost usa, American households averaged 6 round trips per day.

Kay writes about kids losing their independence and freedom as a result of being transported everywhere they go, with no capacity to get anywhere on their own, Discount Careprost. She blames the automobile-way-of-life for removing neighborly interaction and eye-to-eye contact from kids' lives, 200mg Careprost, Careprost coupon, and for turning the elderly into "prisoners with no one to talk to and nowhere to go." She calls it a social tragedy, and she's right, 100mg Careprost. 250mg Careprost, "Autonomy demands mobility and mobility demands a car," she writes, Careprost overseas. 40mg Careprost, Yet "we seem to forget that the "freedom" is reduced by the servitude of a car-bound society that denies movement any other way."

If there's any good news, it's that these are lifestyle choices.., Careprost craiglist. 20mg Careprost, and as we know, there is another way...

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Buy Temovate Over The Counter

"News" (confirming what we already know) from the front page of today's Chronicle:

Buy Temovate Over The Counter, "Bay Area traffic congestion isn't getting any better. Temovate japan, But the good news, if you can call it that, 100mg Temovate, Temovate ebay, is that it's getting worse at a slower pace than in most of the nation's metropolises, according to a national transportation study released Tuesday, 750mg Temovate. 30mg Temovate, Both the San Francisco and San Jose metropolitan areas ranked in the top 10 most-congested urban areas, according to the annual report from the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University, 250mg Temovate. Temovate us, San Francisco ranked second in hours each driver spends sitting in traffic above and beyond normal driving time; San Jose ranked eighth.

Los Angeles led the way, 50mg Temovate. Commuters there spend an extra 72 hours in traffic each year compared with 60 hours in San Francisco and 54 hours in San Jose, buy Temovate Over The Counter. Temovate paypal, The national average for all U.S. urban areas was 38 hours of delay."

* That "delay time" is in addition to "regular" commuting time, 10mg Temovate. Temovate australia, Ouch.

, 500mg Temovate. Temovate craiglist. Temovate mexico. Temovate uk. 40mg Temovate. 1000mg Temovate. Temovate usa. Temovate overseas. 150mg Temovate. Temovate coupon. Temovate canada. Temovate india. 200mg Temovate. 20mg Temovate.

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Discount Augmentin

Discount Augmentin, An amazing convergence of coincidences here:

A few months ago I bumped into Andy Thornley, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's awesome Program Director, on Market Street, just outside of a fine breakfast establishment called It's Tops Coffee Shop. Augmentin mexico, Apparently, Andy had seen a few ZPG stickers around, 50mg Augmentin, Augmentin coupon, and was eager to get his hands on some -- so of course I hooked him up.

Now, 1000mg Augmentin, 100mg Augmentin, with the Tour de Fat, a philanthropic bicycle carnival/freakshow that travels the western lands to promote bicycling, 30mg Augmentin, Augmentin overseas, nearly upon us, our friends at the New Belgium Brewery have teamed up with the SFBC and put together a rad little video of Andy riding around town with his huge bike trailer, Augmentin usa. 150mg Augmentin, Hence awesome coincidence number one: you'll see one of my blue ZPG stickers proudly displayed on Andy's bike, on the pink crate, Augmentin paypal. 250mg Augmentin, "Bicycling in the city should be safe, dignified, Augmentin india, Augmentin canada, and delightful -- a routine, everyday way to get around, 40mg Augmentin, 20mg Augmentin, " Andy says, and he couldn't have said it better, 200mg Augmentin. Also, New Belgium seems really devoted to out-of-car experiences, and, at last year's Tour de Fat, raised $100,000 for local bike-advocacy orgs in Ft, Discount Augmentin. Augmentin uk, Collins, CO, 500mg Augmentin. Augmentin australia, Superfrigginawesome.

andy and my ZPG sticker

Awesome coincidence number two: my buddy Jeff pointed me to New Belgium's recent Fat Tire ad, Augmentin japan, 10mg Augmentin, which was shot in Paonia, Colorado, Augmentin craiglist, 750mg Augmentin, where I lived 5 years ago (after riding there from DC). You can see Mt, Augmentin us. Augmentin ebay, Lamborn and Lands End Peak, which loom above town, in a couple of the shots, and I swear i know the EXACT location of that big pile of junk, from which the red cruiser bike emerges, because I used to ride past it on the way back home from the Ridge of Doom/Valley of Death trail combo -- one of my favorite mountain bike rides ever. Anyway...enjoy.


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No RX Avodart

No RX Avodart, One of today's news items (and, oh, how rich today's news items were) reminded me of something I've been thinking about for a while now. 250mg Avodart, David Brown, a really sharp science reporter at the WashPost, Avodart us, Avodart mexico, wrote a short piece on the World Health Organization's new report on worldwide traffic-related deaths, called Youth and Road Safety, Avodart craiglist. 200mg Avodart, Worldwide, about 1.2 million people each year are killed each year in car/bus/bike/motorcycle crashes (the guys over at 1lesscar make this point pretty nicely), 30mg Avodart, Avodart canada, and about a third of those people are under 25 (which, statistically, 10mg Avodart, Avodart ebay, isn't exactly a big surprise.) The big surprise is that crash injuries are the leading cause of death, worldwide, 750mg Avodart, 40mg Avodart, among 10 to 24 year olds. Yup: more than AIDS, 150mg Avodart. Avodart paypal, More than TB. And the report doesn't even go into people who are merely injured.., No RX Avodart.


I've been thinking about the subject a little more than usual lately, Avodart japan, Avodart uk, partly because my friend Andrew was nearly killed by a truck, and also because I've heard about few other accidents close to home lately, Avodart australia. 1000mg Avodart, Livable Streets sent me an email about a 22-year old in Boston who was hit and killed after a taxi hit him on Huntington St. And another Bay Area biker who I've seen around was hit by a car and got away with only cuts and scrapes a few days later, 50mg Avodart. Avodart coupon, So you could say my radar is on.

Anyway, 100mg Avodart, Avodart overseas, what I really liked about the report was what Margaret Chan, the WHO's director-general, 20mg Avodart, Avodart india, said in a statement: "Road traffic crashes are not 'accidents.' We need to challenge the notion that they are unavoidable."

I've been saying this for a while: someone swindled us, or maybe we fooled ourselves, Avodart usa, 500mg Avodart, and somehow we've become complicit in some freakishly deceptive wordplay. We replaced the word "crash" with the word "accident," as if we just stubbed our toe or spilled a glass of milk or sent an embarrassing email to our boss, when actually, we drove a few thousand pounds of metal into someone else at high speed, with far more force than a fleshy human body can tolerate.

So you tell me: were we swindled. Or do we just love our cars so much that we've willfully turned a blind-eye toward their effects.

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Buy Hgh Over The Counter

Buy Hgh Over The Counter, I just got back from City Hall, where I spoke on behalf of "Healthy Saturdays," a craftily-named measure that would, for a six-month "trial period," close Golden Gate park to cars on Saturdays. (Cars are already barred access on Sundays.)

So I got up there, 20mg Hgh, 30mg Hgh, in front of the 3 city supervisors, in a huge ornate room with cameras and microphones and a gallery of 100 people or so, 40mg Hgh, 50mg Hgh, and said, to those supervisors, Hgh usa, Hgh japan, something more or less (probably less) like this, no doubt with more uhs and ers and stumbles:

Hi, Hgh mexico, 1000mg Hgh, I'm Jon Waldman -- I'm a writer and I live a few blocks away from the park up in Cole Valley, and I'm here because I think "Healthy Saturdays" is a great idea, Hgh uk. Hgh craiglist, Before coming to San Francisco, I used to live in another liberal, 200mg Hgh, 10mg Hgh, radical city...called Washington, D.C., Hgh paypal, Hgh us, where there's another great park that's closed to cars from 7pm Friday night to 7pm Sunday night. And it's great -- families go there to relax and exercise, 100mg Hgh, Hgh canada, and kids can go there and play safely, away from all that urban mess, 250mg Hgh. 750mg Hgh, You said you were looking for a compromise. This is it, Hgh coupon. Hgh overseas, I'm not asking you to set aside some huge Alaskan wilderness. I'm asking you to try closing 1.5 miles of road in Golden Gate park for 6 months, Hgh ebay, Hgh australia, and see how it goes. Thank you, 150mg Hgh. Hgh india. 500mg Hgh.

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Toradol For Sale

Toradol For Sale, On my ride into Sausalito the other day, some dude yelled out of his car at me, "Get a horse!"

You gotta give the guy some credit -- that was a pretty creative thing to yell. But who wants a form of transport that poops, Toradol india. Toradol us, (Not me.). Toradol australia. Toradol ebay. 30mg Toradol. Toradol coupon. Toradol usa. 200mg Toradol. 20mg Toradol. Toradol canada. 40mg Toradol. 10mg Toradol. Toradol uk. 250mg Toradol. Toradol overseas. Toradol craiglist. 100mg Toradol. Toradol japan. Toradol paypal. 150mg Toradol. 500mg Toradol. 1000mg Toradol. Toradol mexico. 50mg Toradol. 750mg Toradol.

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No RX Petcam

No RX Petcam, Kirt, from Tennessee, wrote to me with awesome news: he's making a sly patch, incorporating the ZPG logo as well as 1lesscar's No Emissions Vehicle logo, for his messenger bag, and he wanted to ask for my blessing before proceeeding. Blessing granted, Petcam coupon. 200mg Petcam, Here's his rough sketch of what the thing'll look like...

ZPG patch, southern style, Petcam us. Petcam india. 40mg Petcam. Petcam japan. 50mg Petcam. 20mg Petcam. 30mg Petcam. 750mg Petcam. Petcam paypal. Petcam uk. Petcam australia. 100mg Petcam. Petcam usa. Petcam ebay. Petcam canada. Petcam craiglist. 1000mg Petcam. Petcam overseas. 150mg Petcam. 250mg Petcam. 500mg Petcam.

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